About Us

AussieFlatmates is a Melbourne-based shared property listing services, whose vision is to help people find share accommodation quickly and efficiently. Our search tools makes this process easier for everyone - tenants do not need to travel to inspect properties and landlords can have their listings rented out promptly. We are committed to excellent service, and believe wholeheartedly in our mission to bring hassle-free accommodations to all areas of Australia.

All of our listings are constantly monitored and kept current.

Your data is secured and will not be shared elsewhere. We will only contact you regarding your listings, searches, and memberships.

Aussieflatmates.com.au is registered under ABN: 34 198 740 287


  • Affordable Rent Sharing an apartment means room costs less than it would as a single unit.
  • Hassle-Free Find flatmates, and shared accommodation with ease, by dealing directly with the property owners without agent hassles.
  • Service Tailored To You Find the perfect Flatmate that matches your lifestyle.
  • We Give you tools to match your preference With offered members features, you will surely get your ideal room, learn about who lives there, and then arrange for a chat / interview/ viewing.
  • We Are All About People Everyone's idea of the ideal housemate is different. You can search our directory based on what is important to you.

Whether you choose to offer your room directly or wait to be contacted - it's up to you!